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Digital Dosimeter



RG1100 type is a small, high sensitivity of personal dose alarming device, which is mainly used to monitor X rays and Y rays. The device adopts the energy compensated GM counter tube as a detector, with high sensitivity, measured accurately, besides, choosing the powerful microprocessors and equipped with high-end OLED displays make it simply human nature, has a strong anti-interference ability. It has any combination of sound, flash, and vibration these three types of alarm modes, and the alarm threshold can be set freely, when which is reached, an alarm will in time remind staff pays attention to safety. The device is a wearable pocket device of the current domestic similar devices with strong function, small volume, and low power consumption and its main technical indicators meet the national standards and international standards.


Widely used in the radiation dose monitoring and protection applications accepted by individuals in the presence of ionizing radiation environment, such as radiation processing enterprises, health and epidemic prevention, radiation therapy, nuclear laboratories, nuclear power plants, import and export commodity inspection, building materials, petrochemical industries, geological survey, scrap iron and steel, industrial NDT and so on.

Main Features:

  • Real-time measurement of dose rate, and simultaneously records the cumulative dose.
  • The dose rate alarm threshold and the dose alarm thresholds can be set freely.
  • Any combination of sound, flash and vibration these three types of alarm modes to meet various alarm needs.
  • A dual alarm functions of the dose rate and dose.
  • Built-in memory, to prevent the value of the cumulative dose, the dose rate alarm threshold and the dose alarm thresholds data lost due to power-down.
  • Continuous monitoring of battery power, and with a low battery state prompt.
  • Chinese and English menu to switch freely.
  • Humanized design, easy to operate.
  • Support wireless personal dose management system (Wireless version only).

Technical Parameters:

  • The detector: Energy compensated GM counter tube
  • Measurement range: The dose rate: 0.10uSv/h to 10mSv/h
  • The dose: OuSv/h to 10Sv
  • Sensitivity: More than 1.5cps/uSv/h (relative to ”Cs)
  • Energy response: 48ke V to 3.0Me V
  • Relative error: More than 5% (when at ImSv/h)
  • Power supply:2 AAA batteries
  • Power consumption: More than 24mW
  • Temperature property: Minus 10 °C to plus 50 °C,less than or equal to 10 %
  • Dimensions: 95*70*40 (mm)
  • Weight: 100g (including batteries)