New-Tech International

Zatha S:300W | Zatha S+:400W



  • Easy and quick to setup
  • Save time with automatic access to previously used power settings and modes
  • Precise surgical effect with power control dials


  • In the lower range, the power setting can be adjusted with high precision thanks to nice control (1 watt).
  • In the upper range, the power can be adjusted with convenience to setup due to wide control (20 watt).
  • Include both monopolar and bipolar outputs
  • Accepts preferred accessories
  • Standard 3-pin pencil and 1-pin pencil, most standard foot switching device, standard 2-pin bipolar
  • Foot switching device


  • Increased patient safety by return pad contact monitoring system


  • Front panel connecting with a monopolar 3-pin plug, monopolar 1-pin plug, return pad connector, bipolar

Plug and footswitch connector