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Emergency Trolley Crash Cart


Model: ET75A

  • Mainly composed of aluminum steel ABS engineering plastic structure, 4 columns made of aluminum alloy 
  • ABS arc bottom surface injection molding process has two sides with armrest, professional sharp box, can be placed anywhere, the concave design prevents goods slipping, concave size: 512*433*12mm mesa is equipped with 304 stainless steel guardrail, with transparent soft glass on the table.
  • Cart’s life side: Hidden telescopic Deputy working table, file box;
  • Cart’s right side: equipped with a hidden telescopic infusion frame, ABS double dirt bucket;
  • The cart’s behind: defibrillator platform, hidden telescopic oxygen cylinder support, active 5 meters power line;
  • Front: the one-step central lock, equipped with five drawers, 


  • The first two small drawers surface height: 80mm
  • Inside size: 424*375*68mm
  • Two medium drawers surface height: 120mm
  • Inside size: 424*375*110mm
  • One big drawer surface height: 240mm
  • Inside size: 424*375*220mm
  • Inside the drawers: 3*3 separator, It can be separated freely.
  • The drawer handle is swallowtail style, seal slot type sign, prevent liquid and dust from entering, label area is designed according to ergonomics principle, slotting up to tilt, easy to wait and see, handle inner layer thickening, feel more solid.
  • Car body bottom: luxurious universal insertion type mute wheel, two with brake function, castor material for high strength polyurethane. Anti static and hair winding, which can move flexibly;


Made in China