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X-Ray Film Illuminator With Auto Sensor LED Type



  • LED Film viewer, single film, Two film, Three film, Four Film
  • Adjustable light and Film sensitive function.
  • High-efficient and durable LED light source technology.
  • Excellent light source arrangement.
  • High-definition reading experience.


Model Size N.W Power Intensity
Single Film 50.4*47.2*2.5 cm 2.1Kg/ G/W:3.12Kg 12V/12W/1A 0^4500cd/m2
Two Film 50.4*87.2*2.5 cm 3.8Kg/ G/W:5.4Kg 12V/24W/2A 0^4500cd/m2
Three Film 50.4*127.2*2.5 cm 7.1Kg/ G/W:9.21Kg 12V/36W/3A 0^4500cd/m2
Four Film 50.4*16.2*2.5 cm 9.32Kg/ G/W:12.15Kg 12V/48W/4A 0^4500cd/m2