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OT Lights LED Operation Light Double dome Model: LED700 + LED700


LED Series Hospital Led Shadowless Operating Lamp is a new generation of
LED surgical Light. Which can be applied to various large and medium-sized operations in various operating rooms. And the human tissue in the shadowless lamp lighting is more realistic.


– Adjustable color temperature 3600-5500K, the color rendering index 85, which can achieve the best organization resolution.
– PWM Dimming System, Color Temperature Flexibly Adjustable
– Low damage rate: Each LED module contains 10 beads and an independent electronic control system.
– Manual control focusing system which is easy to operate. The Max. illumination can meet different operation requirements.
– Long service life: 100,000 hours
– The light head thickness is only 127mm, which is beautiful and fashionable, and conforms to the laminar flow turbulence design, so that the purified laminar flow air can easily move with the streamline of the surgical lamp, and the lamp cap can maintain a better working temperature, effectively ensuring the service life of LED lamp beads.
– Luxurious spring arm, strong and durable, light and flexible. The lamp cap can be easily rotated 360 ° and accurately positioned in the ideal position. The light arm has a wide range of activities and can be used in operating rooms under different building conditions.
– Buckle-type plugin detachable sterilized handle, easy to clean and sterilize at 135°C.
– Lighting mode: Standard, endoscope, low light lighting